Building a Better Network

Many corporations are investing millions of dollars in Intranets, ERPs and specialized business applications. The network is a critical system in these client/server environments, and an unprepared network infrastructure can put the entire deployment at risk. Server & LAN Integrity Analysis Services.  The Consultants at Enterprise Network Systems combine a core competency in internetworking with broad architectural knowledge to optimize the network/application environment and ensure top performance for end-users.

New High Tech management tools use the network as a window to characterize its traffic behavior and its use of network resources. By gathering quantitative data relevant to both the applications and networking areas, the tools bring quantitative data together to address network latency issues and end-user response times.  Enterprise Network Systems isolates performance bottlenecks, resolves network-related problems and finds effective ways to integrate the entire infrastructure for top performance.

Application lifecycle management

  • Identify trouble-spots before the system goes live
  • Resolve performance problems in production environments
  • Eliminate rework, project delays and cost overruns
  • Monitor and address end-user performance levels for current and future application rollouts
  • Help clients choose the right system to protect their technology investment into the future

As a result of its pioneering work in network performance benchmarking with leading manufacturers equipment, Enterprise Network Systems has developed an unmatched knowledge base and a proven methodology. Enterprise Network Systems' expertise is essential to any company facing an enterprise-wide application rollout.


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