Protecting Your Privacy

Hitec Consulting Group and our resource partners respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. Hitec  provides this Privacy Statement to inform you of our Privacy Policy and practices.  We've structured our website so that, in general, you can visit Hitec Consulting.  Along with any services there is a strict non-disclosure policy that is documented and adhered to! 

Our Services:

While our collective expertise doesn't have inherent industry boundaries, various components are better suited in different situations.  Understanding the special needs and requirements of each potential client insures that project objectives are met.

We also offer full implementation and acquisition support for our proposed solutions.  A project can be broken into logical segments allowing the client to move on to the next segment only when they are completely satisfied with the accomplishments to date.

Our commitment to our clients.  We do not enter into a project with a preconceived solution in mind.  We do not try to consult in disciplines when there are not considerable resources amongst our resource partners.